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Fm Deceased Shares/ Unclaimed Dividends Audit & Transmission (FM-DS/UDA&T)

This is a specialty investment offering that taps into the pool of our team of professional auditors, lawyers and fraud examiners, leveraging on their expertise to trace the where about of a deceased’s share holdings and unclaimed dividend warrants with a view to reinstituting them and recovering value


  • Managed by our pool of professional auditors, lawyers and fraud examiners
  • All that is required is an indemnity letter, letter of administration/ will including mandate/authority letter to us
  • You are also required to pay any statutory charges to relevant authorities
  • Minimum engagement fee is n10,000 payable upfront
  • Our professional service charge is determined by the value of the retracted shares and unclaimed dividend warrants and is negotiable
  • Job assignment to be taken on case by case basis